Kim Sung Ryung

Kim Sung Ryung, who can currently be seen in Queen of Ambition, has been named "Number 1 Actress Prettier in her 40s than 20s" by a recent survey. The survey, which ran from April 4th to the 8th, asked over 23,000 people which actress now in their 40s is prettier than they were in their 20s. Sixteen percent of survey participants chose 46-year-old Kim Sung Ryung, followed by Go So Young, who came in a close second with 15% of the votes.

I was able to find a photo of Kim Sung Rung from her younger days and she really has aged beautifully.

Kim Sung Ryung young and old

Do you agree that she looks better now than she did during her younger days?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE