Kim Tae Hee in Cosmopolitan Korea

Kim Tae Hee, (IRIS) poses for a spread in the the May 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan Korea, titled Actress is Here. In it, she shows that this girl is not just another pretty-faced actress and serves up some hot fierceness(at least in the photos)! The article is a bit of a bore, and she reveals nothing shocking. At least she brought it in her photos!

Kim Tae Hee in Cosmopolitan Korea 2

I don’t mean to sound mean, but you seem like a boring person. Haha, yes. I’m no fun. I’m not good at talking either. I’ve improved a lot though. I was told that, as a kid, I didn’t talk that much. So I wasn’t good at expressing my feelings or opinions. I’ve improved a lot now.

Kim Tae Hee in Cosmopolitan Korea 3

If you’ve had such tough times and if it hasn’t been that long since you’ve started to enjoy acting, going to work must have been painful for you. You must have felt fear of camera. You must have not wanted to show up? Probably a lot. The most recent one was I developed stage fright when I was filming IRIS. I was so conscious of the camera right next to my colleague. This was my first drama come-back after 5 years, and because the reactions I got for my past two movies weren’t so good, it was a burden for me. I have to do this right, otherwise, it’s over for me. I was desperate.

Kim Tae Hee in Cosmopolitan Korea 4

Is Kim Tae Hee changing? Yes. I’ve realized what I thought to be right turned out to be wrong. I always used to look for the right answer, but I now realized there might not be right answers. I’m trying to give up on the part of me that only pursues idealism. It was impossible and unrealistic for me to stay perfect, since humans are imperfect and it’s natural that way.

Kim Tae Hee in Cosmopolitan Korea 5

Awesome photos, not the most stimulating interview. You can catch Kim Tae Hee in IRIS (which is super stimulating) on DramaFever! Read the full article at Cosmopolitan Korea.