Hey Rain, have you seen your girlfriend lately?  While Rain is busy filming My Lovable Girl, his real girlfriend Kim Tae Hee has been busy filming a drama series too. The difference is that she is in China of 1,700 years ago as the girl who would marry Wang Xi Zhi and help him become the revered master calligrapher for all times. It truly takes an actress with an exceptional beauty and poise to play the legendary lady.

Take a look at these photos of the exquisite Kim Tae Hee wearing the fashionable ancient China-style gown. They were taken at a recent press conference for the new movie.

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Zhou Xiang Rin, the director of Wang Xi Zhi, has been praising Kim Tae Hee's talent and hard work. He recently said, "She's always practicing calligraphy every day, revising her lines and doesn't procrastinate. She memorizes her Korean lines but also her co-star's Chinese lines to foresee their combination. She's also very respectful as she bows hello to everyone on the set every day."  

Wang Xi Zhi is a 40-episode-long drama series. I hope Kim Tae Hee gets time off and perhaps she can visit Rain?  We certainly wish them the best for both of their dramas.

(photos: sina and as tagged)