[caption id="attachment_31457" align="alignleft" width="398" caption="Micky Yoochun"][/caption] Kim Tae Hee and Lee Yo Won share something in common with lots of Drama Fever viewers--a passion for Sungkyunkwan Scandal! The actresses revealed their crush for Scandal newcomer Micky Yoochun, praising his talent as an actor and saying the topknot looks great on him. Scandal producer Kim Yeon Seong thanked all the show's fans, famous or not, and promised to keep delivering the good stuff. Secret Garden is still two weeks away from its debut, but the upcoming soul-swap drama has already been sold to the overseas market, based on the star power of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. Upping the ante, Hyun just announced that Garden will be the last chance to see him act in a while--he's entering the military sometime before next Spring. Catch the trailer for Secret Garden, released last week, here. Poetry, the story of an older woman who discovers that her grandson has bullied a fellow student into committing suicide, won Best Picture at this year's Daejong Film Awards, beating out flashier films such as The Housemaid and I Saw The Devil. Star Yun Jeong Hee won for best actress. Poetry also won Best Screenplay at Cannes earlier this year, and the honors--along with the timely subject matter--hopefully herald a US theatrical release. The Playful Kiss cast must be going through some serious deja vu--their drama just wrapped up, but they're Kim Hyun Joong and company reunited for another press conference to announce the debut of the YouTube version of the show (Playful Kiss: Plan B?) New episodes will be uploaded starting tomorrow, with new ones coming in every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at around 3:00AM NYC time. Kim Nam Joo's new book, Kim Nam Joo's House, is climbing the charts, perhaps spurred on by her peppy new drama Queen of Reversals. The star opens her door (literally, on the cover) to readers who may have fantasized about what it's like to be 1) a huge star and 2) married to Kim Seung Woo. Finally, more wish fulfillment in the form of a new MBC variety show that sends male celebrities to wait on famous ladies hand and foot. Actress's Butler is hosted by newlywed Ryu Si Won, and in the first episode rivals Hyun Young and Min Hyo Rin played tug-of-war over Se7en, both choosing him as their slave...er, "butler" for the day.