Kim Tae Hee is one of Asia's most popular models, and now the lovely star is secured for a five-year cosmetics deal. After a successful run on the SBS medical drama Yong Pal earlier this year, the 35-year-old actress's popularity is hotter than ever! Celltrion Skin Cure made certain their upcoming advertisements and campaigns will feature the star by signing her to a five-year deal. Following her first ad filming, she begins her promotions for them this month. This will be one in a series of three ads prior to Celltrion Skin Cure's new brand products launch.

A Celltrion Representative had this to say about their recent signing with Kim: "Not only is Kim Tae Hee naturally pretty, she's also loyal and intelligent. She will be able to express the philosophies and visions of the company very well. We also plan on coming up with a new paradigm with our new model and products."

Celltrion, which acquired Hanskin in 2013, is an exclusive beauty company that plans to continue to use technology to create cosmetics for wrinkles, whitening, reclamation, and humectants in 2016. The company bases its technology on biomaterials and is focused on the cure. Cosmetics customers can look forward to highly functional products next year.

What do you think about her new deal? Are there any male celebrities you would like to see representing the brand alongside her? 

Watch Kim Tae Hee in Yong Pal:

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