kimtaewoo Kim Tae Woo complimented fellow actor Jo In Sung while shooting That Winter, the Wind Blows, in some behind-the-scenes footage for episode 10 when Oh Soo finds Jo Moo Chul pleading to ask his sister, a doctor who specializs in brain surgery, to save Oh Young. Jo Moo Chul, utterly absurd by Oh Soo's request, starts battering Oh Soo. Oh Soo doesn't give up and says, "I'll come back tomorrow. I'll come back the day after tomorrow. I can die in your hands, Hyung. Let Young live. She doesn't have any fault, let her live. Don't let her become like Hee Joo." In the making-of footage for the scene above, Kim Tae Woo was seen complimenting Jo In Sung, saying, "The more he gets hit, the better Oh Soo looks." Kim Tae Woo also showed signs of weakness, unlike his role as Jo Moo Chul during scenes when he had to hit Jo In Sung. After finishing shooting, both actors monitored and talked about which shots that looked the best. When Jo In Sung asked with uncertainty, "Doesn't this look funny?" Kim Tae Woo denied wholeheartedly, saying, "Not funny at all. It's sad." Which scene between Jo In Sung and Kim Tae Woo did you like the best in That Winter, the Wind Blows? (Source: