Fans can't wait to see Kim Woo Bin ever since his breakout role in the hit TV drama Heirs. The handsome and popular actor recently shared his experience in acting and made an interesting confession about his performance in his very first film.

While Kim Woo Bin was recently interviewed for his new film Twenty, the hot actor candidly admitted that he cannot stand to watch his early performance. He said, "My acting in the first drama I was in, White Christmas, it's hard for even me to take."

He reflected on his days as a new actor and said, “Back then, when I was acting, I wasn't trying to show 'my performance' in front of the camera. Instead, I felt like I was being judged by the director at some kind of recital. When a scene finished, I just wanted them to show me some sign that what I’d done was okay.”

He also added that he's heard more experienced actors say the same things about their own works too. He recalled that he decided to seek advice from those "sunbaes" and learn from them. How he did it is probably good advice for any newbie in a new profession:

"I’m also the kind of person that will directly go to them for advice and ask them about things I’m curious about. When they weren't busy, I’d go find them and politely ask them things. I’d also follow them around. I didn't want to disturb them when they were busy, so I didn't call them often, but I sent them a lot of texts. Like, ‘Sunbae, it’s really nice outside today. Fighting!’ Or ‘Sunbae, I love you.’ I’m the kind of person who doesn’t have any qualms about saying that sort of thing.”

In other words: Learn from more experienced people and also remember to express gratitude.

Great advice, Kim Woo Bin. May you continue to hone your acting skills and give us more great works to watch and enjoy.

Check out Kim Woo Bin's suave acting in the satisfying and thrilling movie, The Technicians:

~ NancyZdramaland

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