K-drama fans around the world are stunned to learn about Kim Woo Bin's real life crisis with a rare cancer. Although the popular Heirs actor is undergoing treatment now, did you know he originally didn't want to disclose his illness. Why? What changed his mind?

When Kim Woo Bin first noticed that he was getting frequent nosebleeds and a swollen neck, he went to the hospital for a check up and was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer, a rare cancer in the throat and neck.

The good news is that the cancer in Kim Woo Bin is diagnosed to be in an early stage, and the popular leading man has started receiving treatment and medication. Delay in treatment would have likely resulted in drastic consequences.

However, Kim Woo Bin initially wanted to keep his treatments in secret in order to avoid worrying his parents. He even considered delaying treatments until filming for his new movie was completed. Choi Dong Hoon, the director of WIretap, firmly told Kim Woo Bin that his health came first.

Along with the announcement by Kim Woo Bin's agency regarding his condition, the production team for Wiretap also announced, on May 24, that the new film will delay its filming, which was originally scheduled to start in July. A source from the film reportedly stated, “We heard about the truth of Kim Woo Bin’s illness. We are planning to push back filming because Kim Woo Bin’s health is more important than filming for the movie. We hope he recovers soon.”

Kim Woo Bin's girlfriend, model/actress Shin Min Ah, is also supporting him in his hours of need. Via her agency, she said, “I am helping so that Kim Woo Bin can undergo his treatment well.”

Last but not the least, fans around the world have been pouring out support for Kim Woo Bin. Many have posted comforting words with these keywords: #GetWellSoonKimWooBin#KimWooBinFighting, and more, telling their favorite star to be strong.

We're glad that Kim Woo Bin took advice to start his treatments immediately and to share his condition publicly.

Get well soon, Kim Woo Bin! 

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