Kim Woo Bin and Bae Suzy have been hard at work on their upcoming romantic comedy Uncontrollably Fond since November of 2015, but all that hard work has paid off as they just completed their final scene! 

A drama representative stated, “Uncontrollably Fond is in its final stage of filming. They started filming last November and have been working non-stop until now.” The drama is being 100% pre-produced and is now set to air on July 5 on KBS after the crew finishes post-production. 

Kim Woo Bin shared his joy with fans on his fan cafe, writing, “This is Kim Woo Bin, who is currently living as Shin Joon Young [his character’s name]. I am on my way to the beach to film the first scene of the day. Tomorrow all my scenes will have been filmed. As I have been living as Shin Joon Young, I kept wanting to thank my fans so I’m typing this on my phone right now. Thank you so much.”

I hope this means the actors will get some much-deserved rest for the next couple of months before promotion for the drama begins! 

Uncontrollably Fond is coming to DramaFever this July! Add it to your queue now!


Uncontrollably Fond (Lightly, Ardently)

Starring Kim Woo Bin and Bae Su Ji (Suzy)

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