Actor Kim Woo Bin completed the first round of chemotherapy, which made him lose 22 pounds, but his overall condition has gradually improved, according to agency Sidus HQ on July 28.

As many of you know, Kim Woo Bin has been undergoing treatment for nasopharyngeal cancer.

“Kim Woo Bin’s health improved good enough to exercise. The results of the first round of chemotherapy comes out mid-August. We’ll let you know about a possible second round of treatment and hopefully some good news by then,” a Sidus HQ representative said.

On Kim Woo Bin’s health, the rep said, “People don’t lose hair or experience other drastic changes in appearance during chemotherapy these days. Kim has lost about 22 pounds and weighs around 132 pounds right now.”

On his caretakers, the rep shared, “The parents and younger sister take care of him most of the time. When Shin Min Ah is off-work, she helps out as well.”

Actor Kang Ha Neul (pictured below), who filmed the coming-of-age comedy Twenty with Kim, said in an interview on Friday, “The movie [Midnight Runners, which I just finished filming,] is similar to Twenty. So I’m reminded of Woo Bin a lot while watching the film and even now during this interview.

“We used to message each other things like, ‘Watch out for the cold,’ ‘Don’t get hurt while filming,’ once in awhile. I feel really bad about it. I’m wishing for his full recovery with all of my heart.”

We too are wishing for Kim Woo Bin’s full recovery. Please get well soon, Kim Woo Bin!

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