Actor and model Kim Woo Bin recently revealed on radio show ShimShimTaPa hosted by Super Junior’s Shindong, that Lee Min Ho is the most handsome actor on the Heirs set.

Shindong asked him who he believed was the most handsome, and even though Kim Woo Bin said Lee Min Ho was the best looking, he felt his body was better!

Well okay, I guess I can see where Kim Woo Bin is coming from. I would choose Lee Min Ho over him, but no way would I choose Lee Min Ho over CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk; that just won’t ever happen, like, never. So I don’t totally agree that Lee Min Ho is the “most handsome actor on the Heirs set,” but Kim Woo Bin does have the better body.

Now don’t get all fangirl nuts and Min Ho biased, saying I’m going to hell for going against Lee Min Ho, but considering Lee Min Ho has never showed me all of his body like Kim Woo Bin has, he wins by default. Until Lee Min Ho strips down and walks runways in just underwear I’m #TeamWooBinsBody (-_-).

Judging bodies is an important task, so take it seriously by setting your new episode alert for Heirs HERE.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE