Kim Woo Bin sat down to talk about how he prepared for The Technicians and shared his inner self in an up-close-and-personal interview. The timing of this interview is perfect for anyone who has just watched The Technicians, as it was done right after the movie's release. It's delightful to watch Kim Woo Bin in this fully English-subbed interview. You just may find out something you didn't know about Kim Woo Bin.

As they began the interview, it was clear the interviewer was smitten with him. She kept saying how cool and handsome he looked in The Technicians (or Con Artists.) Kim admitted that the director deliberately designed his character to be very stylish and very cool, even though it was far from reality. He tried as much as possible to make the character more natural and injected himself into the role. 

(Spoiler alert: If you haven't yet seen the movie, there are spoilers for some scenes in the video.)

The interviewer pointed out that one movie reviewer praised the director for choosing Kim Woo Bin for the movie. The film was full of male actors and high-octane masculinity. Kim replied that they all collaborated very well and enjoyed a great time.

He also talked about the new movie Twenty that he's been filming. He joked that he had to shave every day because he had to be 10 years younger in the new movie.

When asked about the "New 4 Hallyu Kings" in which people have group him, along with Lee Min HoLee Jong Suk, and Kim Soo Hyun, Kim was very modest and said that there are many outstanding young actors. Perhaps it's because he has a weird look and can act reasonably well that he's been noticed. He said he will work hard to meet people's expectations.

The interviewer dug out an interesting fact that you probably didn't know about Kim Woo Bin. For his very first audition, he wrote the following in his resume:

"God will bestow hardships to those who can bear it."

It wasn't easy for him to pursue his dream to be a model and an actor. Kim Woo Bin said he is actually introverted, and his parents are the ones who know him the best and they fully support him. His father is his life model and they chat often. When he talked about his father being a very gentle and considerate person, it seemed that he was about to cry. It was definitely this sensitive side of him that fans could see and feel in Heirs. He was probably the biggest winner in Heirs where his emotional acting expressed a certain sensitivity that attracted many fans. Whether it's his looks, his heights, or his acting, the combination has definitely propelled him to be a popular A-list male actor now.

The interviewer asked about his wish for the past year. He said at the beginning of 2014, he wished for acting in more projects than 2013 and to stay healthy. His wish was fulfilled, and he's very thankful for a very unforgettable year.

What's his wish for 2015? He said he hopes to be a trustworthy actor to the audience. Again, he was very humble and modest, not wanting to sound too ambitious about his projects, and he just said he wanted to stay healthy and be able to take care of his immediate matters.

At the end of the interview, he expressed a very sincere wish to the viewers for happiness and joy in the new year, and that he'd make better projects and try his best to meet the fans more often.

Wow, I don't think the director for The Technicians really needed to design Kim Woo Bin's character to be especially cool and handsome because Kim Woo Bin just being himself is one cool, handsome, and very considerate person.

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~ NancyZdramaland