Exciting news, Kim Woo Bin fans! The web series Love Cells will be coming exclusively to DramaFever, and Kim Woo Bin, Jang Hyuk, and others will be making appearances on the show! Check out the series description and teaser below:

Love Cells is a fantasy romcom web series in which Park Sun Ho plays Ma Dae Chung, an unemployed, single young man who hasn't had a girlfriend for nine years. After graduating university, he lives with his cat in rooftop house. One day, he finds out that he will die if he doesn't revive his love cells (which help people find love) and find a girlfriend within a year.  

Ma Dae Chung falls for superstar idol Seo Rin (4Minute's Nam Ji Hyun). With over 1 million members in her fan club, she is the most popular star in Korea. Baek Sung Hyun plays the role of Chun Ji Woon, a perfect overachiever who competes for Seo Rin's affections.

Helping Ma Dae Chung along the way is his cat, Navi, who will be played by Kim Yoo Jung. Yes, you read that right—his cat. Based on the trailer, this cat can talk, and she becomes his romance coach. Kim Woo Bin will guest star as the "King of Romance," and Jang Hyuk will play the neighbor.

This series is based on a web comic, so it will air sixteen episodes that are only seven minutes long. One episode will air each day Monday through Friday for three weeks. The great thing about a short web series like this is that it can pull in other actors who are busy with other projects! Check out the trailer to see all of the other guest stars!

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Did you squeal when you saw Woo Bin? Because I might have. This fast-paced comedy will start on November 3, only on DramaFever. Sign up HERE for new episode alerts so that you don't miss the fun!