Be Prepared for nose bleeds! Kim Woo Bin has landed himself the gig of spokesmodel for the health and beauty chain, CJ Olive Young. A representative for the brand had only the nicest and most flattering things to say about their latest edition: "We've selected Kim Woo Bin as the model for his stylishness and since his confident charms, beloved by both men and women, go along well with Olive Young's trend-leading concept."

That's a great statement to describe Woo Bin isn't it? I know I'm totally excited for this because Olive Young has to be one of the greatest stores ever. So for those of you who don't know let me just give you some quick information about the store. Olive Young is literally everywhere in Seoul. I can't think of one place in Seoul where you will not stumble upon this store. They're even located in the subway stations. The best way I can describe the store is, it's a combination of Sephora and a CVS or Walgreens drug store. They sell all sorts of cosmetics, fragrances, skincare, and then your everyday products like umbrellas and cough drops etc. 

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With so many shops, Woo Bin's face is literally going to be everywhere! He's even going to be featured in commercials for the brand, so it'll be like 24/7 stalking by Woo Bin! #GoodDeal

Unfortunately we don't all live in Seoul, but you can still pretend Woo Bin is stalking you by checking out the new mini-series Love Cells, where Woo Bin lends his talents and model-looks as the character, "King of Romance."

Does Olive Young sound like your kind of store?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE