Kim Woo Bin was surprised to hear about his former Heirs co-star love life. During an interview with news outlet Osen today, The Technicians star was asked about his thoughts regarding Lee Min Ho and Suzy's new relationship.

He responded, “I had no idea. I haven’t had a chance to see the news article yet. Can I see the report?"  

The hot actor asked to see the article on his interviewer's laptop. Moments after reading the dating news, Kim added,  “I guess I won’t be able to contact Min Ho for the time being.”

In light of their romance, Osen inquired about Kim's current dating status. He quickly avoided any kind of rumor about his love life with this response, “When the time is right, I will date on my own."

The chat returned to the topic of his new movie Twenty, and Kim admitted that he is the opposite of his character Chi Ho. He doesn't discuss his dating with his friends. Kim is more of the listening type. He can't even relate to Chi Ho's ex-girlfriend dating his friend because it has never happened to him. 

Who doesn't love to hear about Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin's real life romances? I think it is great to see our favorite K-drama stars finding true love off-screen. I can't wait to see Kim Woo Bin blissfully happy in the future too!

Are you surprised to see Kim acting like an adorable fanboy about celebrity dating news?

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