Have you ever wondered what it would be like to date Kim Woo Bin or maybe what it would be like to be his friend? Find out what Kim Woo Bin said about his personal relationships in his recent interview with Elle magazine! 

It's no surprise how charming Kim Woo Bin can be on the screen, but when it comes to his personal life, how much do you really know? 

For those of you who are interested, you are in luck, as Kim Woo Bin shared some of his thoughts and feelings regarding his personal life outside of the spotlight! In his interview with Elle magazine for the August edition, Kim Woo Bin admitted that instead of going out he rather enjoys staying in and having a nice quiet evening in with friends. "Nowadays I really enjoy spending time in a gathering with actors I am close to, sipping a glass of soju.” The actor admitted to preferring soju over wine claiming that he doesn't have high standards in taste. 

His close friends, Jo In SungSong Joong KiCha Tae HyunLee Kwang SooKim Ki BangEXO's D.O., and Bae Sung Woo all like to get together at Jo In Sung's house where they have tea and can just talk. Kim Woo Bin claimed that he and his friends don't get jealous of one another, but rather ask each other for feedback. Kim Woo Bin is lucky to have such great friends! 

When it comes to personal relationships Kim Woo Bin opened up about how his family has had the biggest impact on him. He went on to explain, "My parents say to cherish the people around me, and I try to meet their satisfaction by maintaining a long relationship with people I meet".

When it comes to women however, Kim Woo Bin admits that he must be careful, "I should be careful around women, but I say, ‘I love you’ a lot to my parents and people, whether they are men or women. Expressing myself is one of my strengths."

Who wouldn't want to hear I love you from Kim Woo Bin.... 

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