April 16, 2015 marked the one-year anniversary of one of the most tragic accidents in modern South Korean history. 304 passengers, mostly high school students, were killed on April 16, 2014 when the Sewol Ferry sank off of the southwest coast of South Korea. On this one-year anniversary, Koreans and people all over the world mourn this tragedy. Even Korea's top celebrities are reaching out to victims of the disaster and their families.

In a touching handwritten letter to a fan who perished on the ferry, Kim Woo Bin thanks this fan for their support and love and mourns their shortened life. He also vows to continue to make movies that they can enjoy from heaven.

Here is an English translation of the letter:

To the beautiful OO,

I have recently returned from a fan meeting in China, which went well thanks to you.

The place you are in now is much prettier than here, isn’t it?

Later, after some more time has passed, let’s meet, take a lot of pictures, and make some good memories together!

Until then, I hope you’ll remain a supporting fan.

And I’ll continue to make movies that you can enjoy even there.

Thank you for being my fan.

Thank you, and we are all sorry.

Let’s meet soon. I love you.

Park Shin Hye, who has continually worked over the past year to honor the Sewol Ferry victims and make sure no one forgets the tragedy, uploaded a photo to her Instagram account, reflecting on the beautiful youth of the school-age victims.

It says: "Kids who were as beautiful as flowers in the full bloom of youth, have flown away like flower petals." And she cautioned those who were reading her post not to forget the victims or the accident. "If you cease to hold onto it, it will be forgotten," Park said. "If you do not remember, it will be forgotten."

Even Lee Min Ho took to social media to voice his support for the victims and urged everyone to never forget. He posted a simple yellow ribbon on his Facebook page with the phrase "remember 2014.04.16."

Many victims of the Sewol Ferry accident are still unaccounted for with families of those lost fighting for continued investigation into what happened on that tragic day. It is certain that no one will ever forget this devastating tragedy. The hashtag #Remember0416 and 세월호 (Sewol Ferry) are trending on Twitter as people all over the world commemorate the memories of the lives lost in the tragic ferry accident.

(Source: 12)