Kim Woo Bin was the first special guest of ‘The Top Men’ on MBC’s radio show Park Kyung Lim’s 2 O’Clock Date on January 7th. He told stories about the cast of Heirs, his family, and what he's been doing since Heirs. Then he chose 4 of his favorite songs for fans to hear. Here are the highlights:

1. Kim Woo Bin on Choi Young Do

Q. You won 10’s Star Award. Did you expect it?

No. I was the MC of SBS’ Acting Award. It was kind of a burden to be good at doing it, so I didn’t think about anything else at first. However, many interviewers asked me the same question, which made me begin to expect it, so I said, "Don’t make me expect to win." Anyway, I was glad to win the prize. Above all, it was my first time to go to the Acting Awards. Going to that place filled with many other senior actors and actresses made me think a lot.

Q. You handed the Best Couple Award to Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang. What were you feeling?

According to the script, another MC asked me, "Who do you want to win this?" My answer was supposed to be, "Anyone except Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang," but I didn’t say that because Tan and Eun Sang were a pretty couple to me too. Of course, as Young Do it was sad, but I was glad to give the prize to the couple as an MC and Kim Woo Bin. Actually, Park Hyung Sik and I aimed to win the prize when we started the drama. Choi Young Do and Jo Myung Soo Couple. So Hyung Sik and I acted flirty in the beginning of Heirs, but Hyung Sik was too busy so he had to drop his parts a lot. We both felt sorry about that. When I starred in School 2013, Lee Jong Suk and I aimed to win it too.

Kim Woo Bin and Park Hyung Sik in Heirs

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk in School 2013

Q. Your agency’s boss said that you have a face that the next generation likes, but now you are a star because your face appeals to the present generation as well. Did he mention that?

He didn’t say that, haha, but he usually gives me good advice. I just thank my boss for taking care of me, who has nothing. I love you.

2. Kim Woo Bin’s Women

Q. Lately, Park Joon Geum (Tan’s second mother) appeared on our show and said, ‘Kim Woo Bin makes a good son, and Choi Jin Hyuk is the best for a lover or husband." If you were to star in a melodrama with Park Joon Keun and Kim Sung Ryung (Tan’s birth mother), who would you want to be your lover?

Why are you doing this to me? Hahaha. Park Joon Geum treated me well. Of course, I can act as a lover to both wome,n but Park thinks of me like a son.

So, you choose Kim Sung Ryung?

I won’t speak through my mouth.

You always leave an open ending, right?

Q. Among Heirs’ female cast, who is the closest one to you ideal type?

Among Park Shin Hye, Krystal, and Kim Ji Won, the actress I was most comfortable with was Park Shin Hye. I am comfortable with her like one of my guy friends. It doesn’t mean that I see her as a guy, but just that I am that comfortable with her. She is a very hard working person, and always has an overwhelming fighting spirit. She also took care of the staff well. Rather than as a girl, I see her as a peer. Once the filming started, she looked at me as Young Do. I also looked at her as Eun Sang in the same way. All of the girls made the male staff very happy. The entire staff especially liked Krystal. Whenever Krystal filmed, there were a lot of people on the sidelines.

If you had to choose one person among f(x) members?

Among f(x), Krystal is closest to my ideal type because I am close with her. I've never seen the other members.

Q. We can’t skip talking about your mother and sister while having a conversation about women.

My mother made clothes for me when I was younger. She had a fashion sense. And also that affected me the most to become a model. She helped me have an interested in fashion.

When did you start thinking of being a model?

When I was a first-year student of middle school, I thought about it a lot.

Didn’t your parents oppose that? Now modeling is a well known field, but when you were young, it wasn’t.

My father didn’t unhesitatingly comply, but he usually doesn’t oppose what I want. He just waited for me in silence. And my mother gave positive aid. Sometimes, she still gives me fashion advice, for example, my hair style.

Q. I heard you are a Sister Babo (it means a person who has a sister complex). Is that true?

It’s not. The stories got a bit exaggerated. She is growing well independently. She really does well on her own. I don’t touch my sister’s life. I'm not any different from the ordinary oppa.

But other Oppas tell their sisters that all men are wolves. You don’t do that?

I do at least tell my sister, "All men are animals."

Q. What type of man do you wish your sister would date? Young Do or Kim Tan?

Do I have to choose from the two of them?

You can pick between Myungsoo and Chanyoung, too.

I choose Kang Min Hyuk's character, Chan Young, when it comes to my sister's boyfriend and husband.

You like a right-minded person, good man.

Chan Young’s personality is good. There's a lot we can learn from him, and he seemed lovable.

What if your sister introduces Young Do as her boyfriend? Support or object?

If my sister likes him, it doesn’t make sense that I say ‘Don’t’ but I need to talk to a lot with him…. Ha….

3. Kim Woo Bin’s Men

Q. Let’s talk about Lee Jong Suk, who starred in School 2013 with you. He climbed on stardom through I Hear Your Voice faster than you did. It’s good that your friend’s work is going well, but have you ever been jealous of him?

He is my best friend who I love and thank. I’ve never been jealous of him or disappointed about his success. I have been asked many times about him as my rival but he is my senior whenever I talk about my career of model and acting. If people say that he and I are rivals, it is an expression that makes me feel bad. When his drama goes well, I congratulate it, and he does the same for me. He will be my forever senior, and one of my great encouragers.

Q. How about Lee Min Ho? Did you guys known each other before?

No. We didn’t. I knew him because, you know, he is famous. We had met once before we acted together in Heirs. He was the main model for Bear CF, and I was a sub model. At the end of the CF, there was a scene where he was angry, and I tapped on his shoulder so he hit my hand away.

Did he remember that?

We talked about that but I forgot his answer.

Q. There were many unforgettable Kim Tan and Young Do lines. What Tan lines did you want to be yours?

I practiced most of his lines because I didn’t have many parts in the beginning of the drama, and I just imagined if I were Tan how I would play the character.

I like your line ‘Do what? I don’t know how to cope with the scars in my heart. How can I deal with yours? I was just lonely because you left...your secret is heavy…" something like that.

I really liked those lines too. The drama’s director also liked that scene.

Q. What do the songs you chose for our listeners today mean to you?

1. "I Am Sorry" – CNBLUE

There is no meaning. I just want the songs of people I know to be playing once more. I got to know Jong Hyun of CNBLUE through A Gentleman's Dignity, and now I know Min Hyuk, so I chose this song. Min Hyuk is too polite. I told him to speak impolitely because he seemed to be uncomfortable with me. I told same thing to Hyung Sik, and he did what I told him after meeting twice or three times, but Min Hyuk didn’t. As I know, he doesn’t speak impolitely even to members of CNBLUE. He is always polite and nice.

2. "Where is the love" (literary means We love together) – Lee Jung and Ha Dong Kyun

Lee Jung is a brother, who I love, and I am a fan of Ha Dong Kyun. Lee Jung and I became closer with while starring in the sitcom Vampire Idol. Lee Jung was a prince, and Lee Soo Hyuk, Hong Jong Hyun and I were his bodyguards. We keep in touch and drink sometimes. I love you brother Jung, let’s drink soon. This song is not famous, but it is nice. When the song released, I texted him that.

Do you like ballads?

Actually, I listened to music that doesn’t have any lyrics, but after I became an MC of Music Program, I try to know the recent songs on music charts.

Whose come back are you waiting for?

I am acquainted with some people who are close to GD but I haven’t met him in person. I am looking forward to meeting G-Dragon.

3. "The Ghost Of Wind" – ZE:A

Park Hyung Sik, who I really love, and Hwang Gwang Hee (one of ZE:A’s members) and I are close. Hyung Sik was happy to stand at the center of the group after he starred in Heirs.

4. "Swamp Of Illusion" – Park Kyung Lim feat. Park Soo Hong

There are many things I can learn from you (Kyung Lim). You always give me compliments, and have loved me since the first time. I love you.

I heard that you bought my tape. Did you?

Yes. When I was young, my sister and I danced together to your songs.

When did you stop dancing?

After I became a high school student, it didn’t look good. When I was young, I had a fighting spirit.

Q. What can you see when you are on the top?

I try to see the point where I started. I pray all the time and write notes in phone. Recently, I wrote that I am really grateful because I have many things I'm thankful for. And thank you for calling me to your special program. It’s my honor. I will try to act better and better.

Once I started to love Kim Woo Bin, collecting his gifs became one of my pleasures, and I wanted to share these with you guys. Kim Woo Bin has great chemistry with whoever he stars in K-dramas with, even men. That is his best charm. I hope to meet him soon through more of his great work.