Thank you Heirs! Because of you, I found Kim Woo Bin. Many people are saying that discovering this actor was the main benefit of watching Heirs. His pictures and interviews are flooding Korea as a result of his newfound popularity. Lucky for us, Kim Woo Bin decided to share his behind the scenes experience of the last episode of Heirs!

Here's the translation:

Hi, Sisters ~ I am Kim Woo Bin.

Did you watch the last episode of Heirs? I was lonely because Tan and Eun Sang were happy, and I was happy because my mother came back, and I was bored because Myung Soo entered the military.

I think the meaning of Heirs is like, "You came to me and became a flower" (an expression from Kim Chun Su’s poem "Flower"). I was recognized and loved a lot by many people through Heirs so that I could meaningfully exist. The tears were about to come during the last shooting.

Above all, the sense of loss that I had to let go of Young Do was the biggest feeling of mine. Did the same happen to you? So I am telling the story about the last shooting for someone who can’t let Young Do go. I will call this ‘Behind the scenes story of the last airing.’ I will get back at you if you don’t read it.

On the morning of December 11th, the last shooting of Heirs finally started. I went there with a heavier heart than ever before. I don’t know if the weather knew my heart of not; it snowed during the night. It caused me to take pictures.

The scene I shot on this day was the story of Heirs ten years from now. There was a party at Tan’s House. Actually, I was worried a little bit. I wasn’t sure how to draw Young Do ten years later. However, whether ten years pass or not, Young Do is best when he is drawn true to himself.

Why did it snow so much? It made me so excited.

The Heirs’ staff also arrived.

Finally, I reached the set. I was ready to start shooting. How could I be absent from Kim Tan’s party? I became ‘Kkan Young Do.’ I had a fringe of curls and exposed my forehead. I also wore a simple suit. The focus was bling-bling accessories. Before starting to shoot, I relaxed by making small talk with the staff. To tell the truth, until this moment I couldn't believe it was really the last time. My gladness was bigger than my sense of loss, because all the cast gathered at the same site.

I am going to shoot with brother Won.

My heart flutters!

I am starting to shoot.

The set was busy. All the staff and cast gathered. I was holding a script and going to brother Jin Hyuk. We practiced together. I hid my sadness by joking and kidding more than before. I memorized my line till the end over and over. Young Do’s gooey tone doesn’t come out easily. My line was, “How can you put your finger on it? Now I want to be even better.“ It was short but I practiced with changing tones because of the concept ’10 years later.’

“Want to be even better ↗" or "Want to be even better↘”

“Brother, Won has such a perfect visual."

“Choi Young Do is ready.”

My new nickname was born while I starred in Heirs. People call me ‘Salinity 염도 Youm Do' (Young Do was famous as a character that had a smell of tears in Korea). Many scenes when he held back his tears made people feel sorry for Young Do but I smile brightly in last shooing at least. Young Do can’t have one more nickname, ‘Smile Young Do 미도 (Mi-So Young Do), can he?

"Brother Won, stop making me laugh~"

"Today, I am Smile (미소 Mi-so) Young Do”

"Forget about Salinity (염도 Youm Do)"

I met really nice people through this drama. I could build up relationships with Brother Min Ho, Brother Jin Hyuk and Min Hyuk. The set changed to our chatter room. We spent every free moment talking.

Doesn’t the reason that Heirs is so popular come from this good team work? We bore the weight of popularity by relying on each other. Do you want to know what these four men in suits talked about? It was a bittersweet story.

“Are we so handsome?” (Kim Woo Bin)

“That is my tone~!” (Lee Min Ho)

“Why did you return a shot like this? It made me so excited”

“We are done now? I am so sorry for it ~”

Yes, yes. All of the scenes were done. We shouted ‘Thank you everyone for your hard work!’ after a director’s ‘cut’ sign. That was the same greeting I had done before, but this day, it was different. The tears were really about to come out like Young Do’s line ‘I couldn’t stop tears falling out of my eyes!’

We really felt miss to just go back home so we took pictures that show us that we were here together, and shared memories. When will we meet again? As brother Min Ho’s, let’s meet together on the last day of this year. I am going to be an MC of SBS’ Acting awards.

"Team Heirs, endure the weight of being awarded prizes. I will get back at you guys if you won’t come!”

"Everybody did good job."

"You do have Young Do’s pictures?”

"It has been a great time."

"Do you use these pics as wallpapers on your computer? Don’t you?"

"Goodbye Young Do~"

Thanks so much for your love that you've given to Heirs. Thank you again for loving and caring for bad Young Do. I will be back with a good drama soon. Be careful not to catch a cold, and have a happy holiday and New Year. What? Don’t you let me go like this? So I prepared these~!

Great releaser of Kim Woo Bin’s pictures!

“Look at him. No wonder you’re into him?”

“He is just too tall~”

"Why do you take my pictures in front of my face, to make me shy?"

Then, these are paparazzi shots as if a camera didn’t take his pictures.

"To Looks indifferent and chic."

"Are you taking my pictures? Arent' you?"

"I will meet you on the last day of this year."

Can’t wait for watching him in other Korean drama!