Kim Woo Bin is even tough on fictional characters!

Roles don't have a chance when South Korea's new rising star is on the case. The School 2013 star recently spoke with Chosun about researching information for his K-drama or movie roles the creative way.

"No matter how small or big a role, I always make a list of 100 questions about the character I have to play," he said about his clever way of improving his acting skills.

"The questionnaire starts with simple questions such as the character's name. By creating a list and filling in the answers, I often get a real feel for the character. I wouldn't say that I'm picky. I just don't want to be complacent. I want to make progress steadily, little by little. If I continue to work this way, maybe I will be at the top one day".

Also, the humble actor gushed about veteran actors and fellow actors who were attentive and helpful to him in his career. He explained that he loved the plot of the hit film The Technicians and desired to work with the veterans. 

Despite his super-stardom, the Heirs actor still doesn't believe he is a celebrity or star. He is realistic in the view of his rising popularity. 

"It could come overnight, but go quickly. It would only be natural if the popularity I'm enjoying disappears the way it came. I try to be grateful and not take what I have now for granted. I want to repay what I received. I don't want to disappoint those who supported me".

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