Lovable actor Kim Woo Bin was overjoyed with the outpouring of love he received from his latest movie The Technicians (aka The Con Artists). He and he rest of the main cast members visited theaters on December 27 and 28 in the Seoul and Kyeonggi-do area. They greeted sold out theaters, and Kim couldn't contain his happiness.

"Thank you for filling up the theater during this busy holiday season," he said during one of his speeches in front of excited movie-goers. "Please take care of yourselves and don't catch cold. I wish you all happy holidays. It's more fun if you watch The Technicians a second time". 

After a female fan shouted  "I love you," he made the whole audience laugh with his response: "Me too."

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Around 1.42 million fans joined the Heirs actor in his self-love by attending a screening of The Technicians since December 24. The movie about a skilled safe cracker and his crew also stars Lee Hyun Woo. It opens in the USA on January 9 and in China, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Philippines later.

Do you love his open expression of self confidence?

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