You may find this hard to believe, but famous actor Kim Woo Bin was recently prohibited from leaving the Philippines due to an investigation with the Criminal Investigation Department!

It turns out that a woman who shares the same legal name as him, Kim Hyun Joong, was on the run for fraud. After filming in the Philippines for his new movie Master, he was stopped at the airport due to the matching name. He had to go through documentation procedures that took a week in order to prove he wasn't the criminal the authorities were looking for.

On November 28, Kim Woo Bin talked about the incident on a live broadcast of Naver Movie Talk. "My real name is Kim Hyun Joong, and someone with the same name was on the run for fraud. Thankfully, it was resolved within a week. If I had not gotten help, I supposedly would not have been able to leave for a month. I got all fingertips fingerprinted and went through the whole process of documentation."

He finished with a message for the woman saying, "Haven't you run enough?".

Good thing he was finally able to get back home!

Are you surprised to see this happen to Kim Woo Bin? Share your thoughts below!

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