Kim Woo Bin is on the road to recovery!

It has been over a year since the Heirs actor was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. Kim's agency, Sidus HQ, recently opened up about his current health status and when he plans to return to acting.

“Even if the treatments for the cancer are complete, it takes a long time for the full recovery. It’s hard to say the status right now. There are no concrete plans for his return yet."

They added that after the first round of chemotherapy, Kim's "health had improved enough for him to start exercising". The agency also shared a sweet message on social media to wish their star a happy birthday. “While waiting for you to return one day as if nothing has happened, we congratulate your 30th birthday.”

Kim Woo Bin turns 30 in South Korea, but his American age is 29 years-old. Currently, he's exempt from the military as he continues to focus on a complete recovery. Kim halted all his activities last May to start treatments. His film Wiretap, which is about the investigation of a management company involved in stock manipulation, was postponed until further notice. The movie co-stars The Thieves actor Lee Jung Jae.

We are all anticipating his speedy recovery and grand return to acting. Happy Birthday, Kim Woo Bin!

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Sources: Via Via/ Image Credit: Star Daily News


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