On a recent trip to China, Kim Woo Bin received a pat-down while going through airport security in Shanghai. Onlooking fans snapped these pictures, which have sparked jealous cries throughout Asia. This female security guard sure is lucky!

Netizens have responded to these pictures with a mixture of jealousy and anger that a female security guard conducted Kim Woo Bin's security check. What do you think about this situation? 

But seriously, is it too late to change my career path?

If you want to get an up close and personal glimpse at Kim Woo Bin, don't forget to watch the Google Hangout we had with the actor! It was the first time he ever held an online hangout with international fans, and we loved seeing him!

Kim Woo Bin is not the first Korean celebrity to be spotted getting a pat-down at the airport! Be sure to check out this article for more hilarious airport security photos!

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