Remember when we broke the news of Kim Woo Bin coping with a rare cancer just last month? Since then, we know that the Heirs actor has been undergoing treatment for nasopharyngeal cancer, and bravely fighting back with the love and support of his family and friends. His latest coping mechanism though, is stealing hearts around the world. Ready for a peek-a-boo?

The actor shared this adorable photo of a baby Woo Bin pulling his cheeks! Is that his way of saying he's strong and ready to make it through whatever comes his way?! We love his spirit during this time of crisis in the 29-year-old actor's life. While he's currently on a break from his hectic schedule, we are gunning hard for the actor to make a full recovery and come back to the big screen! If you have any positive words to send the actor's way, make sure to leave a comment below! For now, let's make #StayBraveOppa trend and make sure Kim Woo Bin know we are by his side every step of the way! 


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