It's official: actress Kim Yoo Jung has great taste when it comes to guys! The 15-year-old actress known for roles in dramas such as The Moon that Embraces the Sun and most recently Love Cells admitted her crush on a rookie K-pop idol, Bobby of YG Entertainment's new group, iKON.

While appearing on the show Happy Together 3, Kim Yoo Jung admitted her feelings for Bobby by saying, "I liked Bobby since he was a trainee. I've never met him, but I fell for him because his eyes look pretty when he smiles." Then, when she was reminded she could possibly end up meeting him since she's currently hosting the music show Inkigayo, she turned all cute and "shyly smiled."

O.M.G how cute is that!? Bobby, who turns 19 on December 21, is absolutely a cute monster! He's got this really pretty sharp eye shape, which turns into an epic eye-smile when he smiles, and he's got cute bunny teeth to top it all off!

See Kim Yoo Jung in Love Cells:

Even I have a mini crush on Bobby because he's so adorable, so Yoo Jung having a crush on him completely makes sense in my head. What do you think about Yoo Jung's crush on Bobby?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE