We have great news for the Kim Yoo Jung fans! The Moonlight Drawn by Clouds actor, who was on sick leave, is healthy again and back on the filming set of the upcoming JTBC drama. Additionally, actor Ahn Hyo Seop left the show.

When Yoo Jung was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in February, she had to drop all projects, inadvertently postponing the air date of 'Clean With Passion For Now.’

Last week, the actress gave her fans an update on her health, saying, “I’m saying hello to you for the first time in a while. These days, I’m working hard on my health. I’m always thankful to those who are waiting and cheering for me. I’m also really thankful to the people in the drama team of ‘Clean with Passion for Now’ who are waiting for me. Through ‘Clean with Passion for Now,’ I will meet the fans with a healthier, better appearance. Also, congratulations to all of you who are celebrating Coming of Age Day. Thank you to everyone congratulated me as well. I’ll work harder to become a better person. (Thank you so much to Laneige for sending me flowers.)”

'Clean With Passion For Now,' which was originally scheduled to air in April, is now scheduled for November.

Actor Ahn Hyo Sub left the show because of a schedule conflict with the SBS drama 'Thirty but Seventeen,' which premieres in July. In the webtoon-based 'Clean With Passion For Now,' Hyo Sub would’ve played a man with O.C.D. who meticulously cleans every surface he lays his eyes on, and also runs a cleaning service. He meets a clumsy girl (Kim Yoo Jung) and, lo and behold, falls in love with her.

Who should play opposite Kim Yoo Jung in ‘Clean With Passion For Now'? Please comment below!

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Photo: Kim Yoo Jung / @you_r_love


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