Kim Yoo Jung, the young leading lady in the wildly popular historical romance, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, recently visited Taiwan for her very first overseas fan meet, aptly named "Kim Yoo Jung's First Memory." When asked about her experience in filming the hit drama, she revealed something that surprised all the fans.

She was asked about the most difficult part of her experience in filming Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

For the 17-year-old actress whose resume includes 13 years of acting in over 50 roles, acting itself is not difficult. 

Some might think kissing the older actor, Park Bo Gum, was an obstacle, as the 23-year-old actor is older than Kim by 6 years.

Or, maybe it was the beautiful but complex dance she performed in a pivotal scene that intrigued the crown prince.

It turned out that her answer had to do with what she had to wear underneath layers of historical costumes.

She said strapping her top for hours was the most difficult part in playing a gender-bender role of a girl who masqueraded as a eunuch in the palace.

She recalled having to wear the straps even for 24 hours straight at times.

It was also very hot in the summer when they filmed, so her skin reacted to the suffocating heat by breaking out.

She also tried to stay fit because there were many physically demanding activities that her character was required to perform.

Of course we viewers have no idea of what she went through when watching the lovely romance unfold in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Let's enjoy the perfect romantic binge once again for the long holiday weekend!


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

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