One thing fans of celebrities seldom discuss is just how much hard work it entails to be famous. The numerous commitments, grueling schedules, and constant pressure are enough to get anyone overwhelmed. Just yesterday, it was announced that Kim Yoo Jung, who's been promoting her new film Because I Love You, had been admitted to a hospital to get treated for exhaustion, but some netizens aren't buying it, claiming the move was made to cover up for a recent controversy created by her problematic behavior at a promotional event.

According to the company that handles all promotion for the upcoming film Because I Love You, Kim was rushed to the hospital because of a cold. "Kim Yoo Jung's cold worsened after completing the one-night-two-day-long promotion event in Hong Kong. Ultimately, she was sent to the emergency room for treatment last night." She's been recovering, while also being treated for over-exhaustion, and is getting the rest that she probably should have gotten a long time ago. When she gets out, Kim will be taking a break from promoting, so that she can fully recover from her present condition. 

You would think that fans would be rooting for her to get better, but unfortunately, that hasn't been the case. Right before her hospitalization, some of her admirers voiced their displeasure by complaining online about her indifferent attitude while on stage at the promotional event in question. While the cast of Because I Love You stood upright, Kim's posture showed disinterest, as she leaned on one leg and kept checking her nails. This was enough to upset some hardcore fans (who have nothing better to do, obviously), who are now claiming that her hospitalization is a cover-up for her rude behavior. 

You can see her at the event in the footage below. Are claims of her poor attitude by overly-critical fans justified, or just plain ridiculous? Either way, all that you have to deal with while being a celebrity will surely want to make you check in to a hospital for a few days of much-needed rest.

Kim Yoo Jung at the event

Trailer for Because I Love You