Things have taken a turn for the worse for poor Kim Yoo Jung. After being hospitalized for a severe cold and extreme exhaustion earlier last week, Kim was just rushed back to the hospital again after experiencing stress-induced shock, stemming from vicious online accusations of her disrespectful behavior at a recent promotional event for her latest film Because I Love You

Social media has completely changed the world we live in, whether we actively take part in it or not. Anyone can share their experiences with the world, and express their thoughts about anything and anyone whenever they feel inclined to do so. Most times, these exchanges are positive. But sometimes, people who otherwise wouldn't have the courage to say certain things in person can get pretty bold and say some nasty things, resulting in a lot of pain and suffering for those who are targeted. Cyber-bullying is very real, whether it happens to school kids or public figures.

Unfortunately, words from strangers (which in this case are from so-called fans) have sent Kim Yoo Jung right back to the hospital, less than a week after she was released from being treated for exhaustion. And while she was legitimately sick and hospitalized, haters went online, claiming it all was to cover up the controversy Kim had created for herself by behaving poorly onstage while recently promoting her new movie. Talk about nit-picking, fans were complaining about the way she was standing on stage! From there, the bullying was non-stop, criticizing Kim for her attitude and rudeness. It didn't matter to these online commentators that Kim was actually very sick and exhausted during the promotional event, and whats' worse, fans in attendance at the event in question had nothing bad to say about Kim's behavior whatsoever. They said she was pleasant, as always. Regardless, the online bashing was too much for the still 17-year-old Kim to bear, and she was just rushed back to the hospital for stress and shock. According to her management company, she is not doing too well. All future activities are on hold, and no one knows how things are going to play out. Hopefully, she gets as much rest as she needs, and makes whatever decisions about her future that will make her happy.


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