Chojung Sparkling Water confirmed today that young actress Kim Yoo Jung will be promoting their brand for another year. The Love Cells 2 actress recently completed a new commercial and photoshoot for the H2O company, according to media reports. A representative of CSW said in a statement that the commercial filming went well, and he praised the 16 year-old star. 

"The filming went very smoothly thanks to the great combination of Chojung Sparkling Water's clean, refreshing feel and Kim Yoo Jung's bright, sparkling image."

Her refreshing commercial will begin airing very soon with a promise of a mid-April debut. For her photoshoot, the cute actress looked adorable in a white peasant top and a blue retro A-Line shirt. She is seen holding an emerald blue sapphire bottle of Chojung Sparkling Water. Kim even makes hydrating look fashionable!

She must have an incredibly hectic schedule as a high school student, actress and model. Kim Yoo Jung is one phenomenal multi-tasker! Plus, her next film entitled Because I Love You is scheduled to be released in theaters this year.

Congratulations to Kim Yoo Jung! I hope she continues to represent the brand for many years to come.

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