Kim Yoo Yung is ready to greet her fans!

The day after her 18th birthday the Moonlight Drawn By The Clouds actress plans to celebrate for the second time with her hometown fandom at the 2017 KIM YOU JUNG 1st Fanmeeting you_r_love. Her Korean supporters should expect a fun-filled event on September 23, because the pretty star made sure she put her creative input into the event planning. Kim's first South Korean fan meeting follows her successful fan meetings earlier this year in Taiwan (February) and Singapore (May).

Kim Yoo Jung is making strides to return her cheerful self after several rough months following the finale of Moonlight Drawn By The Clouds. Last fall, she was criticized by online haters for taking a political stance on social media and alleged "inappropriate" behavior at a movie premiere. In December 2016, she was hospitalized twice for the flu, exhaustion and stress-induced shock. She also injured her arm while exercising in May.

Our young star has overcome quite a few hurdles in such a short amount of time. It's great to see her getting back out there and connecting with fans despite everything that happened. Good for her! Which country do you want to see her visit next? 


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