After Kim Yoo Jung got hospitalized for second time in a week, reacting badly to the negative comments about her attitude, her sunbae actor Bang Joong Hyun defended the actress through an Instagram post.

Bang Joong Hyun, Kim Yoo Jung’s Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds costar, complimented her as one of the politest hoobaes he'd seen and chastised the bigoted netizens who talked her down.

“Child actress? Young? These labels don’t fit [Kim Yoo Jung]. Kim Yoo Jung, who loves songs by Kim Hyun Sik and Jang Pil Soon. On set, she’s always leaning on one leg because the other is not completely comfortable. I don’t think there’s any reason for her to reveal physical discomforts to the public just because she’s a celebrity.

“If the person watching is uncomfortable, than [Kim Yoo Jung] is arrogant. If the person watching is generous, than [Kim Yoo Jung] is pitiable. Out of all the younger actors I’ve seen, Kim Yoo Jung is the most respectful and honest. Seeing her having such a hard time is difficult.

“Forgive her? What kind of great sin did she commit that would beg forgiveness? It makes me mad that there is a minority trying to ruin her image because of a single photo.”

Kim Yoo Jung was previously criticized for her “rude” attitude during press release of the upcoming film, Because I Love You. Shortly after, she was rushed to the hospital twice in the same week due to symptoms of cold caused by stress, presumably because of the criticisms.

Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds received the best couple’s award at the KBS Drama Awards, but she did not attend. "Kim Yoo Jung was unable to be with us becuse of health issues. Thanks to her, I'm receiving this award. I hope she gets better soon," Park Bo Gum said in his acceptance speech.

Kim Yoo Jung’s agency said she won’t attend any film events in January. Some netizens are still talking her down for this decision, calling her "irresponsible" and "arrogant."

What do you think about Bang Joong Hyun’s words and the netizens’ responses to Kim Yoo Jung taking some time off to rest?

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