Kim Young Kwang may be following in Park Hyung Sik's footsteps soon. 

The Lookout actor is considering starring alongside A-list actress Park Bo Young in the upcoming movie Your Marriage. Kang Ha Neul was originally cast for the role, but was forced to drop out due to his busy filming schedule. Today, Kim's agency responded to earlier reports confirming him for the role.

“Kim Young Kwang has received an offer for a role in Your Marriage and is currently looking it over," they explained. 

Your Marriage, which is about a man receiving a wedding invitation from his first love, has been on hold for two years! Park Bo Young fans are hoping another talented actor takes the part very soon, so they can see their favorite star on-screen once again. Filming for the project promises to pick up right where they left off once the cast is secured. Park's fandom adored the chemistry she had with Park Hyung Sik in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Jo Jung Suk in Oh My Ghostess

Is Kim Young Kwang up for the leading man challenge? Do you think he will take the role and have even better chemistry with her?



Starring Lee Si Young and Kim Young Kwang

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Source: Via/Image Credit: Harper's Bazaar Korea