Yesterday, JTBC announced plans for an ambitious disaster drama, and they aren't wasting any time looking for talent to fill the drama, already courting Pinocchio's Kim Young Kwang for one of the roles.

According to JTBC, the drama tentatively titled D-Day will depict a massive natural disaster in Seoul. The drama will focus on rescue workers and emergency doctors in the aftermath of the devastation.

Although disaster movies aren't uncommon, what makes this idea so ambitious is that it is the first Korean television drama to take on a big-scale disaster. The CGI work required to pull off this kind of a story can be more difficult to maintain during a drama (especially if the filming doesn't get enough of a head start and it ends up on a tight live-shoot schedule) than in a shorter feature-length film. 

The emotional weight of the story also makes casting particularly important. Kim Young Kwang has been offered the role of a surgeon who has a powerful sense of responsibility with a rebellious side. So far, it's unclear if this role is the lead or simply a supporting character. I guess we'll have to wait and see!

The series is set to start filming in June, with a likely premiere at the end of summer following My Love Eun Dong. Hopefully, early filming will allow for some strong visual effects.

What do you think about a big-scale disaster drama? Do you think this role is a good post-Pinocchio move for rising star Kim Young Kwang? Share your thoughts in the comments!

See Kim Young Kwang's latest work in the hit series Pinocchio:

Sources: viavia