I would like to write K-Dramas. I don't have financial backing, or the contacts I'd need to do a real one. But, I have absolute authority in my toons. 

I've noticed that often, K-Drama actors or actresses are "geniuses." (Or even more awesome, Chun Jung-myung just finished a K-Drama where he was a noodle "god.")  So a few years ago I wrote a K-toon about a girl who was pretty normal, or even below normal, but who was a kimchi genius. I've "remixed" and retuned it. I hope you enjoy it. Here is part One of two parts.

And here is scene one of Kimchi Genius. Setting, Oma's Cafe, where Saeng Jwi, the kimchi genius works in the kitchen.

Back story. . .

Will Dr. Kim be curious enough about Jwi to make an order for kimchi, the food he fears most? Keep reading.

Will Jwi allow herself to be surgically altered? It might tempt other girls. . .

OMO! Dr. Kim is eating kimchi! Will this make him lose what memory he still has? Will he forget how to be a doctor? What will happen in Part II, the second half of KIMCHI GENIUS??