What a cliffhanger part one ended on right? But you don't have to wait a week. Here is Part II right now! Was the researcher who told Dr. Kim to avoid kimchi in order to not lose more of his memories correct? And will Jwi ever see Sook, the idol, again? Keep reading to find out.

Sook is out of luck this time. Jwi is loyal to Kang and won't go shopping unless Kang is invited. Sook needs to think of a way to get Kang out of the running. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Kim wrestles with his new found memories--one of which is the fact that the spunky little kimchi maker is his lost daughter. 

Bora? So Bora will be Dr. Kim's ally in trying to reunite with his daughter Jwi? (I don't know if I'd trust Bora.)

What? Kang is locked in a storage room? Bora is helping Sook, too? 

WOW! So Dr. Kim is Sook's dad too??? And Sook and Jwi are twins? Birth Secrets are a trope of K-Dramas. (So I had to insert one too.)

So Dr. Kim invites Jwi and Sook to his office Star Wars Party.

Here comes the big reveal. But the outcome isn't quite as dramatic as Dr. Kim had hoped. Still, it's not bad. . .

Plot twist. . .

So how does my K-Drama end???

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