Beautiful actress Kim Tae Hee has been dating singer-actor Rain since 2012. So why did the star of the new drama series Yong Pal say she doesn't know when or even whom she will marry?

Kim Tae Hee has apparently been asked about her marriage plans too many times. The two superstars' union is a recurring focus of attention whenever reporters get a chance with her.

At the recent press conference held for Yong Pal, the new action thriller in which she and Joo Won are starring, Kim Tae Hee was once again asked about possible wedding plans with her boyfriend Rain.

Her response surprised everyone. She said the following:

"It is not like the subject never came up between us. We are in a relationship after all. However, nothing concrete really came out of those talks. I'm not sure when or even whom I'll end up marrying."

Did we hear that right?

Yes, she said, "I'm not sure when or even whom I'll end up marrying."

She also added, "So it is somewhat stressful when plans are just created for me out of the ether. I worry that the public is also confused. Please understand that I cannot always respond to those rumors."


You know what I think?

A girl needs to be asked properly.

What's missing is that Rain needs to have a ring ready and set up a special time and place to propose.

In the meantime, Joo Won praised Kim Tae Hee as someone with an amazing combination of looks and good personality. He definitely knows how to move a girl's heart when he said this:

"I thought, 'how could someone with her looks also have such a good personality?' There's beauty in personality as well. The more I see her, the prettier I think she is and I think I will have fun working with her."

If Rain doesn't watch it, Joo Won, the super sharp and handsome doctor in Yong Pal, just might steal some serious hearts.

Are you ready for Joo Won to steal your heart too? Watch him and Kim Tae Hee in the premiere of Yong Pal:

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