The historical drama The King's Face has gotten into full swing, and viewers are loving the series so far. One of the show's highlights is that it features two of the most talented up-and-coming actors on the K-drama scene: Seo In Guk and Shin Sung Rok. The two are (currently) rivals on the show, but whose side would you choose in real life? It looks like it's time for a King's Face face-off!

1. Side profiles

2. Being studious little bookworms

3. All dressed up

4. A little less formal, but still keeping it classy

5. Historical costumes in action!

(Via the King's Face Drama Club)

6. Being eeeeeeeevil

7. ...Just kidding! They're so nice!

8. And, finally, serenading Eunji (that lucky, lucky girl!):

It's a tough choice, but who would you pick? Is it going to be the sweet, yet sizzling Seo In Guk, or the dashing, yet deadly Shin Sung Rok? Comment below! If you STILL can't decide, you can just enjoy them both in the latest episode of The King's Face. It's like having your cake and eating it too!

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