The lovely Kirsten Ren of In A Good Way has bought the first diamond in her life. It is a diamond necklace with a ballet theme for her mom's Mother's Day gift. She wanted to thank her mother for taking extra care of her while she was busy filming, and this particular necklace is designed with a perfect intertwining of curves just like a ballerina's beautiful pirouette.

Kirsten said, "Ballet was always my mom's dream. When I was a child, I took lessons in ballet to help fulfill my mom's dream. Now that I have made money, I can finally reward my mother and this necklace is especially meaningful." Her mother said, "When Kirsten was still in school, I was impressed by just a greeting card. A diamond necklace makes me happy too."

When she was asked whether the second diamond in her life will be a wedding ring, Kirsten shyly replied that the ring will have to come from her future husband. As she has grown into womanhood, getting married for love has been her dream, and a sparkling diamond would be the desired token to seal the love between a couple.