[caption id="attachment_30330" align="alignleft" width="394" caption="Philip Lee"][/caption] As Playful Kiss wraps up, the cast looked back to the beginning of the drama (spoilertastic story here), but also to the future. Lee Tae Sung said he hopes that people won't forget the big drama that never drew a large audience at home, but still has a chance at being an international hit due to Kim Hyun Joong's star power and the popularity of the source manga. Fans can look forward to more Kiss when the show's YouTube channel starts offering up new webisodes November 2. A group of fans called My Club Kim Hyun Joong Powerful Supporters also marked the occasion, donating about $9k to a scholarship fund in time for Kiss's last episode. Maybe--just maybe--the behind-the-scenes madness at Daemul is over, with the ousting of original director Oh Jong Rok. Oh had been demoted to story consultant after a tumultuous few weeks in which the popular drama's writer had been fired, and the cast temporarily refused to work until producers had sorted out their problems with the director. Oh didn't dish any dirt on his way out other than saying "I can't handle it anymore," and that the decision to leave was his. The honeymoon is over for Han Ji Hye, and she's back to work modeling autumn and winter looks for Blue:Pepe. The fashion house says that her newlywed "happy aura" shines through in the new photo shoot. Bae Yong Joon's popularity in Japan has tempted more than one Japanese company to use his image without permission ever since Winter Sonata invaded the hearts and minds of middle-aged women across the country. Bae's been fighting back, and recently won awards against two companies: a travel agency that used his name, and the magazine It's KOREAL (yeesh) for using an unauthorized photo of the star. KOREAL was ordered to pay Bae about $50,000 for the infringement. Looking forward to Secret Garden? The body-switch fanta-dramedy starring Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won and Philip Lee launches in mid-November, and a torrent of new pics have just been released. Check out the sexy pics, and more details on the show, here. Japan's jewelry industry is tapping into the popularity of hallyu stars, awarding Won Bin and Lee Byun Hyun special prizes for the way they wear their bling. If you enjoyed Jay Park and Jang Hyuk's testosterone-fueled junkyard adventure they shot for Vogue, check out a making-of video of the two stars frolicking in garbage. And finally, Show Luo decided it would be a good idea to blog that he is officially not infected with a sexually transmitted disease, despite hard-to-cure rumors to the contrary. He told reporters "if I had an STD, I would walk abnormally, but my gait is very normal." Case closed, I guess? Show is up for a Golden Bell Best Actor award for his work in Hi My Sweetheart.