For all you sushi lovers out there, this quiz is definitely for you. When dining at a crowded conveyor belt sushi restaurant, your ability to quickly identify and reach for your favorite sushi is critical since you may find yourself competing with another customer for that last plate of succulent fatty tuna. Produced by VISA, the "High Speed Sushi-go round Quiz" will not only let you know where you stand as a sushi connoisseur, but it will sharpen your skills for the next time you face off at the conveyor belt with your rival at the counter.

In Japan, conveyor belt sushi restaurants, known as kaitensushi, are all over the place, frequented by millions for their convenience and affordability. Regardless of pricing, some places serve sushi that's not so fresh, while others are known for having the freshest of the fresh, where waiting in line to get in is expected by all. At these popular establishments, competition with fellow customers can sometimes get pretty fierce, especially when only a limited amount of a certain fish is available. If the Japanese people weren't so polite, fights would be breaking out at these places over the last piece of bluefin tuna.

Which brings us to the "High Speed Sushi-go-round Quiz," brought to you by VISA. The quizzes are separated into five levels. For beginners, there's the First Level, followed by Second Level. The Higher Level quiz is for those who feel confident in their sushi knowledge, and if you love your sushi, this  should not be a problem for you. And if you think you're a connoisseur, the Highest Level quiz will surely let you know if you are. And as for the Super Highest Level quiz? If you can get that one right, you have sushi lover superpowers, and you can probably identify and grab your favorite sushi from a conveyor belt at a packed restaurant with your eyes closed.

Now it's time for some sushi.

Beginner's quiz

Moving on up


Connoisseur level

Superpower material

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