Go Joon Hee has transformed into Min Ha Ri! The lovely 30-year-old actress plays a hotelier who is a carefree socialite in the upcoming MBC drama She Was Pretty. Photos of her in character were recently shared with the media online. In the images, Go wears a proper hotel uniform and an array of colorful and fashionable blouses and a mini dress. The stylish Ha Ri is suppose to be gorgeous and guys' ultimate crush. 

"Go Joon Hee plays a hotelier who is very pretty, but she's very humane when she's at home. She is ready to come out into public as Min Ha Ri in an upgraded version of everything," the show's production company said in a statement.

The character Ha Ri is caught between friendship and love when she meets her best friend's longtime crush Ji Sung Joon (actor Park Seo Joon). MBC's new series She Was Pretty also stars Hwang Jung Eum and Super Junior's Choi Si Won. The fun romantic comedy, which is a story about an ugly boy loving a pretty girl and the two transforming in adulthood, premieres on DramaFever on September 30. Due to licensing restrictions, the series will air with a two-week delay. 

Watch Go Joon Hee's teaser with Siwon below!

This series looks like so much fun! The last time we saw Go Joon Hee was in the 2013 SBS melodrama Queen of Ambition. Are you ready to see Go's grand K-drama return? 

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