Kim So Hyun will show another side of high school life this February. The School 2015 actress is hitting the books once again in the upcoming three-episode KBS series titled Page Turner, according to news reports today.

For this winter 2016 project, she is reuniting with her former I Hear Your Voice writer, Park Hye Run. Park is a popular scriptwriter who has a dedicated following and many successful projects under her belt. In Page Turner, Park has created an artistic high school setting for Kim So Hyun. The 16-year-old star has signed up to play an arts student going through life's struggles. Her role will specifically place a spotlight on the hardships young adults face.

Next year will be a busy one for the young talented actress. In addition to her short series, she also has two movies premiering in 2016. Pure Love (which co-stars EXO's D.O.) and Princess Deokhye are the productions she is currently getting ready to promote. 

I loved Kim's dual role in School 2015, so I'm very interested in seeing her in an all new production. I Hear Your Voice was such a popular production that fans will probably instantly fall in love with Page Turner. A great actress and a popular writer make it a win-win situation.

Are you highly anticipating Page Turner? Watch Kim So Hyun in I Hear Your Voice below!

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