In light of the recent charges brought against Ko Young Wook for sexual misconduct with a minor and the subsequent warrant issued for his arrest, these tweets Ko Young Wook exchanged with Son Yeon Jae, South Korea’s beloved rhythmic gymnast star who is only 18, are becoming an issue among netizens. The tweets read approximately as follows:
Son: I see...that’s amazing. Ko: Not really, this means you’re pretty that much. Am I going too far? Son: Thanks everyone for caring about me. I started getting sick as I started relaxing. Ko: I can’t focus on anything now. Son: I like Radio Star. I’ll watch it. Ko: P.S. I look better in person.
Netizens argue that in these tweets, Ko Young Wook is trying to lure Son Yeon Jae. Do you think people are reacting this way just because of his previous charges, or do you find his tweets inappropriate?