JF Entertainment, Ko Young Wook's management company, announced last year that since he faced charges of sexual misconduct with a minor, the former Roo'Ra member would be staying at home having "reflection time." Unfortunately, it hardly seems that Ko Young Wook spent this time reflecting. Not only is he once again under investigation for the molestation of a middle school girl—a day after these charges were made, another teenager came forward in an interview with JTBC to say she too was lured by Ko Young Wook. According to this teenager, Ko Young Wook tried to reach her many times and suggested that they meet together on weekend evenings to avoid being seen by others. He also asked her to delete all of their conversations on the phone. While all of this would be bad enough on its own, it's particularly outrageous that he behaved this way when he was supposed to be spending his time "reflecting" on the series of charges he'd faced previously. The recording of their conversations is to be broadcast soon on South Korean TV.