Once you watch a fair number of Korean dramas, you start to realize that, while Korean actors excel in many areas, growing facial hair isn't one of them. Sure, sageuks have their fair share of beards, but half of them look glued on. In more modern dramas, you get the occasional pedostache or patchy goatee, but seeing a man with a decent five o'clock shadow is like catching a unicorn playing with a leprechaun. There are a select few actors, whoever, who, though usually clean-shaven, can really pull off the scruffy look when given the chance. This list celebrates 20 actors who might be better off tossing their razors altogether.

1. Siwon

Ah, Siwon, the man who inspired this list. Until She Was Pretty, I honestly didn't realize Siwon could grow such nice scruff. Although Siwon's fellow Super Junior member Kyuhyun recently said Siwon's new beard drives him crazy and he just wants to shave it off, I'm going to have to disagree. He's transformed from a flower boy into a manly man, and I don't mind one bit!

2. Cha Seung Won

All hail the facial hair king!

3. Bae Soo Bin 

Bae Soo Bin might just have the most drastic bearded transformation. He looks all nice and clean-shaven, and then BAM! He hits you with this bearded smolder.

4. Hyun Bin

While he can (and has) gone the full bearded route, I personally love Binnie with just a little bit of scruff.

5. Oh Ji Ho

Oh Ji Ho is often overlooked for flashier actors, but no one can deny the magnificence of his long hair + facial hair combo.

6. Han Jung Soo

Han Jung Soo, what nice abs beard you have!

7. Jang Hyuk

Yes, we're going three in a row on Chuno costars. Sorry, not sorry. That show puts every other show to shame when it comes to glorious man manes and scruff. At this point, I am so used to seeing Jang Hyuk with at least a mustache that it almost feels wrong when he's clean-shaven.

8. Ryu Seung Ryong

While many actors look like it would take them weeks of concentrated effort to get a scraggly soul patch, Ryu Seung Ryong makes it look effortless, like "Oh, whoops, I went out for lunch and came back looking like a Viking!"

10. Ji Jin Hee 

Ji Jin Hee's slight scruffy shadow just highlights his gorgeous facial structure even more.

11. Lee Jin Wook 

I had no idea that Lee Jin Wook could grow such a full beard. Well, now we know. You're welcome.

12. Yoo Ah In

When I think scruffy Yoo Ah In, I think Geol Oh. Will we get a repeat performance of his facial hair in Six Flying Dragons? Please say yes.

13. Lee Pil Mo

It's just the faintest shadow, but that facial hair made me pine for him all the more in Emergency Couple.

14. Philip Lee

Like Jang Hyuk, here's another one who looks so good in a mustache that it always throws me off when I see him without it.

15. Gong Yoo

Ah, Gong Yoo. So sexy, no matter what you do...

16. Kim Bum

Is his Hidden Identity look creepy, manly, or a little bit of both? I'm on the fence, but I'm willing to gaze at it as long as it takes to make a decision. It's called "research," okay?

17. Byun Yo Han

More like Byung Yo HOT. He has a natural baby face, so his Six Flying Dragons look gives him a little bit of edge.

18. So Ji Sub

Whether he's clean-shaven like in the upcoming Oh My Venus or a little on the scruffier side, he's always So Ji Sub, so really, he can get away with whatever he wants.

19. Lee Byung Hun

His consistent mustache/goatee combo makes me wonder if his cheek hair is a little on the patchy side, but if it works, it works. Perfect for that action hero look.

20. Song Seung Hun

I don't particularly love his straight-up melodrama mustache, but when there's some additional scruff to accompany it, it's quite dashing.

What do you think, drama fans? Do you prefer some manly facial hair, or do you like the clean-shaven look best? Who do you think has the best beard in Dramaland? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

If you can't get enough of scruffy Siwon, check him out in She Was Pretty: