From Kim Woo Bin to T.O.P, these actors really steal the show with their irresistible brows. Their eyebrows are always on fleek, stealing our hearts their own unique charisma. In no particular order, these guys and their expressive brows are sure to make you swoon!

WARNING: Some serious eye(brow) candy below!

1. Kim Woo Bin

There's a good reason Kim Woo Bin is #1 on this list — his eyebrows are always on point! Just look at that GIF! Swoon~

2. Seo In Guk

I'm so in love with Seo In Guk's savvy brows!

3. Choi Si Won

The amount of control Siwon has over his eyebrows is remarkable! I just love all the different emotions he can convey with just a few slight movements!

4. Kim Jae Joong

Jaejoong, come back from the army soon! I miss seeing you and your beautiful brows. 

5. Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk sure knows how to charm the ladies with his eyebrows. I can't get enough!

6. Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun's brows are out of this world!

7. Lee Dong Wook

Who can resist Lee Dong Wook's beautiful brows?!

8. Ji Chang Wook

His brows can HEAL my heart any day!

9. Daniel Henney

Damn Daniel! Back at it again with those beautiful brows.

10. Lee Soo Hyuk

Lee Soo Hyuk's eyebrows are a true work of art! I could stare at his face all day...

11. Joo Won

Joo Won sure won my heart with his sexy eyebrows!

12. T.O.P

Ah, no words can describe T.O.P's signature eyebrows! It's a tough call, but I think T.O.P may take the top spot on this list!

Who do you think has the best eyebrows? What other actors would you add to this list? Share your thoughts below!

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