You thought it only happens in dramas. Chaebols (Korean word for people who own family-controlled conglomerates) have married actresses since the 1970s. Here are 10 actresses who are married to chaebols. Scroll down to reveal!

1. Jeon Ji Hyun

Actress Jeon Ji Hyun married Choi Joon Hyuk, a banker at Bank of America, in 2012. Choi's grandmother is renowned hanbok designer Lee Young Hee, and his father is a wealthy banker and the largest shareholder of Alpha Asset Management, sources say.

2. Im Yoo Jin

How rich and influential do you have to be to see a president at your wedding?

Then-Seoul mayor Lee Myung Bak attended Im Yoo Jin and Yoon Tae Young's wedding in February 2008.  Yoon's father is a former vice president of Samsung Electronics. 

The heir will receive an estimate of over 4 billion USD as inheritance, according to sources.

3. Hwang Jung Eum

The She Was Pretty actress married Lee Young Don, a golfer and a steel producing company CEO, on February 26, 2016. The wedding was widely attended by celebrities like Park Seo JoonJi Sung, Min Han Groo, Oh Yoon Ah, and more.

4. Kim Hee Ae

Kim Hee Ae's husband Lee Chan Jin is the CEO of venture company Dreamwiz. Lee's Korean word processor is widely used in Korea. The couple married in 1997.

5. Shim Eun Ha

Actress Shim Eun Ha married Ji Sang Wook in 2005, whose father is a Hansung Group CEO. After marrying the politician, she retired from acting.

6. Kim Hee Sun

Actress Kim Hee Sun and Park Ju Young got married in 2007. Park's father is a Rak San Group CEO according to sources. Rak San Housing is a construction company, and Rak San Enterprise is a film production company.

7. Choi Jung Yoon 

Cheongdamdong Scandal actress Choi Jung Yoon got the nickname "Chaebol daughter-in-law" after marrying Yoon Tae Jun of the E-Land Group in 2011. Yoon had a brief stint as an idol group Eagle Five member back in the 1990s. 

Yoon owned a BBQ restaurant when they started dating, which made Choi think he was just a restaurant owner, not some chaebol, according to sources.

8. Park Sol Mi

Winter Sonata actress Park Sol Mi married fellow actor Han Jae Seok. Han's father is a former vice president of Kia Motors. At the 2013 wedding, actors Hyun BinJang Dong GunLee Jong Hyuk and more congratulated the couple. They have two daughters.

9. So Yoo Jin

The actress married chef and entrepreneur Baek Jong Won, who runs over 400 restaurants in Korea and stars on multiple cooking shows. Friends say there is a street in Seoul that is filled with Baek's restaurants.

10. Kahi

Dream High 2 actress Kahi, who is a former After School member, and Yang Joon Moo, CEO of Incase Korea, will hold a private wedding in Hawaii on March 26. Yang is also a judge on Mnet‘s girl group survival show Produce 101.

Honorable Mentions

1. Lee Jung Jae

The real-life heiress Lee Se Ryung comes out of her Porche with boo Lee Jung Jae, rocking a Hermes Birkin and a floor-length fur coat. 

Lee Se Ryung is a director of Daesang Group and her father is a Daesang Group CEO. She is a mother of two from her previous marriage with Samsung Electronics' vice president, which lasted from 1998 to 2009.

Lee Jung Jae and Lee Se Ryung traveled to Manila together in 2010 and confirmed dating in 2015.

2. Park Shin Yang

Actor Park Shin Yang and then-college student Baek Hye Jin, who is 13 years younger than he is, had a shotgun wedding in 2002. Her grandfather was a Hagen Daaz's Korean branch CEO.

Baek was a divorcee when she married the actor. Baek, a United States citizen, had married her ex-boyfriend to help him avoid the military duties, according to sources.

3. Han Ye Seul

Han Ye Seul's boyfriend Teddy is not a CEO or from a chaebol famly as far as we know. But we do know that the YG Entertainment's songwriter makes big bucks from collecting music royalties.

Actress Go Hyun Jung is perhaps the most popular actress who married into a chaebol family. Her marriage with a man from Samsung family lasted 8 years. Running Man's Song Ji Hyo, who recently went on a honeymoon with Gary, has dated her agency's CEO

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