Don't bag the nuts in first class! On a recent flight out of John F. Kennedy airport in New York, Korean Air Lines vice president Cho Hyun Ah was served a bag of macadamia nuts in first class by a junior flight attendant. Cho, who is the daughter of the airline's chairman and is in charge of in-flight experience, already knew beforehand that macadamia nuts were supposed to be served on a plate. She requested the head attendant retrieve the flight manual; when he didn't, she shouted at him and demanded the plane return to the gate and ordered him off the plane.

The whole ordeal began trending online today. Korean Air had to issue an apology to passengers for the 20-minute delay for take off and 11 minutes for arrival time. Following the ordeal, Cho resigned from her job.

According to Korea Times, she didn't have any right to order the plane to return to the gate because she was a passenger not on duty. She may have violated aviation laws.

A full investigation is underway regarding the rules and regulations. An official from the Ministry of Transportation stated the following: "If the investigation finds any violations, the necessary action will be taken against the air carrier. Even if she is the vice-president of the airline, she was one of [many] passengers and should have been treated as such."

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Do you think a simple nut mishap is important enough to stop a plane and quit your job over?